How To Get Website Traffic

Today many blog sites have a addition to their comment box that allows you to add your URL in a specific box outside of the comment box.  There is a good reason for this.

Having a friend, Glenn Woodfin, who is an SEO expert has been a tremendous blessing. He has given me several tips on how to get free traffic to my websites, and I am going to share one in this article (more to follow if you like this one).

At this link you will notice I posted a comment with a link to my website.  Why?…Because It not only helps the search engines find Doug Weed’s blog when people post there, but it also helps the search engines find me as well.  It is a win-win situation when you post where you are permitted to add your link

There is a right way and a wrong way to do this though. Allow me to explain:

  • Make your comment stand out by making it  meaningful.  It is acceptable to say “great post”.  But it does not make you stand out.  Make comments that let the reader know you actually read the article, and are making a meaningful contribution. If you read the comments at Doug Weeds blog I think you will understand.
  • Use the box provided for your website link.  Putting links in the comment box is likely to make it appear that you are simply spamming (even though you may not be). The moderators usually kick these comments out.
  • The success in any business is to provide a service (to be helpful).  So find articles that interest you, and where you can provide helpful information.  Google Blog Search is an excellent tool for this purpose. If you have a blog that is strictly for adults, you will not want to put links on sites that are open to children.  That is definitely considered spamming. so look for blogs in line with the link and comment  you wish to post.
  • In the box provided for your name use key words.  For example: if you are promoting yourself, use your name.  But if your blog is about healthy eating, you might put health-food or recipes in the name box. (Note: I used a dash between the words health and food.  search Engines read that better than health food.  The same applies with internal links within your website.  fore example notice the URL address for this internal web page. )

I hope this post is helpful… thanks for visiting.

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