Carpal Tunnel, Heel Spurs and Stretch Exercises

Heel Spurs

Last Summer my husband and I had increased our physical activity.  He began feeling considerable pain in his right heel, and I in my left heel. ..we were a pair as we hobbled in unison :-).  I was sure we had developed spurs on our heels, and scheduled an appointment with the podiatrist.

Luckily I got a reputable doctor, because one not so reputable could have easily scheduled an operation for the two of us, and made considerably more money.  After taking ex-rays to make sure there was no serious problem present in the bones,  Dr. Tillo  explained to me that this condition was usually caused by shortened muscles in the arch, and / or the calf.

The doctor prescribed some stretch exercises and recommended some better supporting shoes. Doing as he suggested, the pain was gone for both of us within a few weeks.

Carpal Tunnel

My daughter began playing the guitar on a regular basis, and developed carpal tunnel.  I know several people who have had surgery to correct this painful condition, and it does not always solve the problem.

However her husband’s father who is a message therapist, recommended she do some stretch exercises before considering surgery.  She has to do them on a regular basis, but the pain is gone as a result of doing as he instructed.  Following is a video of another man demonstrating the very exercises my daughter was told to do.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and am not making any medical diagnosis in this article.  Always consult your doctor before making any decision concerning the matters in this article.

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