How To Prosper And Survive In This Economy

Our ideas about what is happening to us have a big impact on what will happen to us. There is much suffering in “hard times”, but it can also be an opportunity for new prosperity. Many people lost their livelihood during the Great Depression, but others made fortunes during that same period.

Following are some great ideas that will help you survive and prosper in the current economy. (Note: You will want to bookmark the links below that interest you so you can return)

  • If you are loosing your home, ask the mortgage company to show you a deed to prove they own the property.   Many cannot produce this document because they have become lost in bundled mortgage deals, and without that document they are probably not legally allowed to foreclose.  If they cannot produce a legal deed, consult an attorney for advice.
  • Lost your Job? Think about starting a business helping others in a field that interests you.  It is not necessarily expensive to start a business. My husband and I have been in business since 1984.  The government bureaucracy has made it more difficult to start up, but not yet impossible, so the sooner you start the better.
  • Ever wondered how advertisers manage to get people to camp out all night on a sidewalk to purchase the newest gadget? It is a form of psychology developed by Freud and used by Bernays. Don’t buy into it.
  • Many years ago a dear friend shared with me how her husband made his fortune during the “Great Depression”.  One of the things he did was to make sure he had some readily available cash stashed away (not in banks).  However the U. S. dollar has lost in value while gold,  silver and how to prosper in hard timesother precious metals have increased in value. Consider investing in  Gold and silver.
  •   Important Notes: (1) video Below was produced by two economists (Note: JP Morgan is currently under investigation for what is explained in their video.)

(2) We do not recommend putting all your eggs in one basket…keep investments diversified. (3) Stay informed because things are changing faster than I have ever witnessed before.

  • Many senior citizens are losing their homes as a result of signing “Reverse Mortgage” contracts.  Before signing be sure you understand the obligations the contract requires of you.  It might be unaffordable.
  • My husband and I have been in  business since 1984, and have found ourselves (many times over the years) having to adjust to changing times (like now).  We are often asked about how to start a business, and I tell others the answer is often found in their question. Look to fill a need…to serve others.  What needs are out there, what are your your talents and interests, and how can you serve others with your interests and talents?
  • Team up with neighbors and friends to create shared trips (and co-ops)  to places like the farmers market. You will not only save money, but you will help save local farms.  Some people have even turned this sort of thing into a family business.
  • Check on line for coupons and deals. By combining a coupon with a “buy One Get One Free” offer you can save substantially.
  • Purchase in bulk when ever possible. It saves money, gas and time.
  • Refrain from buying processed food, and begin cooking from scratch…it is healthier too.  A trick I learned from my husband’s grandmother:  make more than your family can eat in one meal, and freeze the remainder in containers for future meals.  It saves time, and some food, like Cajun beans and spaghetti, taste even better this way.
  • Start a garden.  Making sprouts is very inexpensive, and easy.
  • College can be free
    if one plans ahead.  I began planning when my children began freshman year of high school , and we did get a grant for my youngest daughter which allowed her to attend college for free.  However, one can actually begin even before your child is born, or while in college.
  • Make a shopping list and stick to it.
  • On your vehicle tires keep the pressure correct.  It needs to be increased during cold spells.  Check it often because it improves gas mileage. A good dealer will offer free tire repairs,  service and balancing with your tire purchase…be sure and ask if they do this before you purchase from them.
  • Oil Changes: Watch for specials, and consider doing your own oil changes.  Also consider doing your own bulb and wiper changes.  Generally a sales person will give you tips if you ask them, and they often check batteries for free.
  • If you do not use your cell phone much, consider using Boost as your cell phone service.
  • Wrap your hot water heater with a blanket designed for that purpose.
  • If you home-school look for sales on curriculum, or free lesson plans. Be careful about the curriculum  you use because in the 1960s the curriculum began  promoting a progressive agenda which has caused a crisis in our educational system.
  • Use the close line instead of the dryer.
  • Save on heating and cooling by adjusting your clothing and thermostat.  It is actually healthier to experience the natural weather fluctuations.
  • Get the whole family involved in ways to save and make money.
  • wash cloths in cold water when ever possible
  • Reach out to friends, family and neighbors.  There are some good people out there.
  • If you like the outdoors consider investing in a good metal detector and supplies for finding meteorites or gold. The cheap ones are a waste of time.
  • Food Storage: Take advantage of sales and bulk buying by buying extra for storage.  Start out trying to build up a weeks supply, then one months supply until you have managed to store a years supply of food. There are people who have turned this sort of thing into a successful business.

There are opportunities all around us as long as we do not stick our head in the sand, or allow ourselves to become fearful or discouraged. This time in your life is an opportunity to take advantage of things greater than you ever experienced before.

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