Sore Throat/ Head Aches/ Gaining Weight/ Sensitive To Carbohydrates?

Because I was having those symptoms,  I did some research that I  share with you here in hopes that it will help you too .  It improved my health, and allows me to eat more :-). You see I was becoming more and more sensitive to carbohydrates which can cause candida and diabetes if untreated.     I discovered  that if I cut carbohydrates out of my diet that helped. But I had to keep cutting them which I did not think was healthy, and I craved the carbs.

Some people are sensitive to carbohydrates, some to gluten found in wheat, some to fat, others to lactose, ext.,  and some are sensitive to none of these.  The symptoms for each allergy is different, and I am only talking about carbohydrate sensitivity in this article since I have experienced problems and success with that one .   Disclaimer: We are are not medical doctors, and can not make any diagnosis or medical claims. Consult your doctor  before making major changes in your diet.

I began doing research and discovered some important facts:

Real Food Instead Of Processed Food

Many people know that white flour has the healthy bran and germ removed, but few know that 30 essential vitamins are removed, and only four are replaced calling it Enrichment.  Vitamin E occurs naturally in wheat.  However once the wheat is ground this fat soluble  vitamin  becomes rancid in three days, which caused bread, flour, cakes, ext.  to go rancid (after 3 days).  So manufactures discovered a solution: they remove it.  Processed food was born increasing shelf life, but decreasing its food value to unhealthy levels.

I was surprised to learn that this is even the case with the, so called, whole wheat bread in the grocery store shelves.  The whole wheat bread is a better choice, but still far from being a healthy choice.

Buying wheat and whole grains out of the health food store was  expensive.  I discovered a great resource for purchasing whole grains and other healthy food (Note: you may want to bookmark the page at this link because it is a great resource) .  I have been very pleased with their prices, and service. (Note: Hard Winter Red Wheat is for making bread, and Soft White Wheat is used to make biscuits)

To make the grinding of the grain easier,  and grain grinderless time consuming they recommended the Wonder Mill grain mill which I am delighted with. I have found this company to be honest and very helpful. I am pleased to recommend them to you.

To make the bread I use the heavy duty Electrolux Mixer.  I amHeavy Duty Mixer very pleased with its durability, available attachments, and strength.  One of the attachments makes oatmeal with the Whole Grain Oat Groats.

They do have bread makers but I don’t know much about that item,  so am reluctant to recommend one. I do know most bread makers do not hold up long with whole grain bread making.

Natural Enzymes

If you were to pick an apple right from the tree, and eat it immediately, there are enough enzymes in that fruit  to digest itself.  The longer an item sits on the shelf, the greater the loss of these natural enzymes.  As a result our pancreas  struggles to produce the extra enzyme shortages. This can cause low blood sugar levels which can (over a period of time) lead to diabetes (high blood sugar levels caused by a damaged pancreas).

Over many years of eating processed food (like white flour), along with  fruit and vegetables that had depleted enzyme levels, my body became increasingly more sensitive to carbohydrates of all kinds. My body was not digesting them properly anymore. I was advised to take the enzyme amylase between meals, and “Digest Gold” with my meals.  Amylase is an enzyme synthesized  by the pancreas, and helps to digest carbohydrates.  Over a period of time, taking it between meals, I have become considerably less sensitive to carbohydrates. (Note: Amylase is not recommended for diabetics)

Currently I purchase this enzyme from the health food store, and the manufacture that was recommended to me is Enzymedica.  This company has a good reputation, and the strongest formula I have been able to find.  But I find it a bit pricey.

Update: I just found a source for Enzymedica’ natural enzymes at a lower cost with free shipping  as follows:
Digest Gold, 240 capsules Enzymedica – Digest Gold, 180 capsules
(Helps digest proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fiber.)

GlutenEase – 120 – Capsule (Helps digest gluten)

Lacto – 30 – Capsules (helps digest lactose- dairy products)

Enzymedica – Allerase, 60 capsules (helps digest carbohydrates)

Enzymedica – Lypo Gold, 120 capsules Helps in the digestion of fats.

Note: we do recommend healthy eating, but do not recommend taking natural enzymes if you do not have a problem digesting the associated foods. If you do not need them it can cause diarrhea.  I personally take only Digest Gold (with my meals),  and Allerase (between meals).  As a result, I sleep better, the allergy symptoms mentioned in the title have disappeared, my finger nails  have thickened, osteoporosis has improved, scaly skin on my heels has disappeared, and my skin has improved.

for Bladder Infections: Solaray – D-Mannose with CranActin – 120 Vegetarian Capsules

Healthier than sugar Pure Stevia Extract Powder by Kal  or in bulk is a better buy:  Stevia Extract Powder (100% Pure White Extract) 1 lb./16 oz.

I also enjoy  fresher foods by sprouting my own alfalfa, and a mixture of lentils (green not dried are used for sprouting),  mung beans, and adzuki beans (delicious and healthy in fresh salads).  I have posted an easy and inexpensive way one can  sprout these seeds using a jar…no need to purchase an expensive sprouting machine.

I wish I had known these things before I affected my body as much as it had.  Heck I wish I had know these things  when my children were young.  Never to late to learn though.

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