Teaching And Helping The Child With ADHD


A recent article in the New York Times about ADHD  has created quite a stir.

When we were mostly farmers and ranchers, very active children were highly valued in our society.  But now that we are more sedimentary,  they are treated as if something is wrong with them. You don’t think that a child picks up on this, and also begins to believe something is wrong with them? What do you suppose this does to their self esteem? I know because I have witnessed it.

When I was a child we had three recesses, and if the teacher saw a need, we had more.  But today’s  children are usually given  one 30 minute recess.  That in and of itself, can create stress  in some children.  It is not the child that is lacking, it is the way they are taught  that is so lacking.

As a tutor, I am asked to help many children who are diagnosed with ADHD and hyper activity.  Many of these children are hands on learners, or simply very active children.   I adjust my teaching to fit the child, rather than adjusting the child to fit a one size fits all approach.  I have no problem teaching them…no medication needed.

I had an uncle who was raised on a cattle ranch….a hard worker, and I am sure would have been diagnosed as ADHD or hyperactive in today’s schools . Even in in his 60s he walked around the room holding a cup of coffee as he carried on a conversation with you. He was rarely still. However he did just fine in college, and became a forest ranger. He also built several homes. As a teenager, he built his first home for my grandparents while doing normal ranch duties.

Many of the young children I tutor deliberately have activities mixed into their lesson plans. One little boy lets me know he needs some energy release when he talks to me as he walks around and around his chair. I then ask him, “do you need to run around the house one time?” He sometimes replies with a sigh of relief, “I need two times”. When he comes back, he is ready to sit and talk some more.

These kids are really special, but so misunderstood. There is no magic to what I do…anyone can do it. Learn more about how to help these children at this link: Learning Disabilities

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