How To Choose Home School Curriculum

The beauty of, and struggle with,   homeschooling is the variety of choices in curriculum.  What is so beautiful about a struggle? You are not stuck with a choice mandated by some authority that insists you use something that does not fit you or your child. But it can also be a bit confusing narrowing things down.  You will find help in this article with just that.

I.  Lets begin with understanding your child’s unique learning style:

If this video describes one of your children, you can learn more at this link:  The Hands On Learner  Note: these children are often misdiagnosed as having Learning Disabilities.

One can learn more about these children at this link: Understanding The NF (Idealist or Intuitive) Child.

More about these children, and their learning style is at: Understanding The NT (Rational) Child.

If this describes you child, you will be able to find out more at this link: Understand The SJ (Guardian) Child And Their Learning Style.

Note: These personality types are based on the Myers-Briggs personality types, and there is scientific research to confirm its validity.

Important Note

Understanding your Child’s learning style is important.  However there is a method that teaches to all the learning styles, which is most effective because it involves as many of the senses in the learning process as possible.  With  Whole Brain Teaching children learn faster,  retain more, dropout rates decrease by 90%, stress is reduced (on the student and educator), and it improves the health of the brain.

Roma does workshops and phone consultations.  If you are interested in either, feel free to contact her.


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  2. Hi Roma,
    On a similar note,, Even while most mums and dads desire to send their young people to university to give them a ideal setting to find out new stuff, have a shot at out sports activities and of program socialize and make new good friends, some moms and dads prefer to place school their young people and give them with extensive exercising and a well-balanced educational software at family home. Although the pros and cons of every single kind of schooling is debatable, if you are just one of people dads and moms who are strongly thinking about property schooling your young children, this post will supply you with some insight as to how the process works and an plan with regard to the curriculum.

  3. Thanks for the marvelous posting on home schooling! I definitely enjoyed reading it, you’re a great author. I will be sure to bookmark your blog and definitely will come back at some point. I want to encourage that you continue your great writing on the importance of education, have a nice weekend!

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