Understanding And Teaching The U.S. Constitution

Today an interesting and revealing question came from a home school child.  The comment/ question was as follows:

“I know the Constitution is a living document, and can be changed two ways.  What are the two ways”

I answered by saying, ” according to Judge Napolitano,  a Constitutional attorney,  the Constitution is not a “living document”, and can only be changed via a Constitutional amendment.  I also gave her this link where she could view six videos of Judge Napolitano explaining the Constitution:  How To Understand And Teach The Constitution.

So what is happening here? There is so much misinformation even in school textbooks, and the advantage of homeschooling is that parents can weed out the misinformation.  However sometimes home school parents are using school text books assuming they are accurate. Remember knowledge is powerful only if the information is accurate.

Today college professors complain that public school children enter college unable to read at grade level or do basic math without a calculator.  Home schooled children are outperforming them on the entrance tests,  and in there college courses as well.  Colleges use to turn away the home schooled child,  but are now seeking them.  The reason is that many home school parents have taken the time to develop and manufacture curriculum that out performs the public school curriculum. In order to keep the gains achieved for our children, it is essential that we keep an eye on the curriculum we use to teach.

Recommended Curriculum: Luckily we still have writings by Joseph Story,  who was Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court form 1811 to 1845,  born three years after the Declaration Of Justice Joseph SoroyIndependence, and who’s Father participated in the Boston Tea Party.  Justice Story witnessed firsthand the early foundation of this Country. I highly recommend his books for teaching U.S. American history, and for teaching a superb understanding of the Constitution.  Below is a link where you may look at, and/ or purchase a book by Justice  Joseph Story. It was once a school text book.

A Familiar Exposition of the Constitution of the United States: Containing a Brief Commentary on Every Clause, Explaining the True Nature, Reasons, and … Designed for the Use of School Libraries and

There is excellent curriculum available, and by networking with others through your local co-ops, and online resources parents can help each other do the research to find the best for our children.

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