The Constitution: Don’t Just Read It…Understand it.

Your Rights

Because many who swore to uphold the Constitution do not understand it, an increasing number of adults and children are faced with unconstitutional searches and imprisonment. Understanding the Constitution can make a big difference when you are faced with an illegal search or confiscation. It is important not to be confrontational, but being informed can make a difference in your actions, and  what happens to you. Even police officers often do not understand that an unconstitutional law is not law at all.  They all took an oath to uphold the Constitution, but many do not understand what that means.

Because word meanings from the time of our Founders have changed, just reading it does not equate understanding it.  For example:  a dictionary from 1828  defines

WELFARE, n. [well and fare, a good faring; G.]

1. Exemption from misfortune, sickness, calamity or evil; the enjoyment of health and the common blessings of life; prosperity; happiness; applied to persons.

2. Exemption from any unusual evil or calamity; the enjoyment of peace and prosperity, or the ordinary blessings of society and civil government; applied to states. ( In other words, The government cannot show favoritism to one State or special interest group over another)

But a modern dictionary describes the word welfare as the government giving money to the needy.  Other, words like Democracy and Republic, have also been turned upside down.

At 1.16 in the following video, Judge Napolitano explains the Welfare Clause

In the following video, the Judge explains one of the most misunderstood Clauses:  the Commerce Clause

Its History

The history of the Constitution and the Federalist Papers are not only interesting, but are essential to a true understanding of the Constitution and your rights.  Before the Union many of the larger colonies took advantage of the smaller ones, and Foreign Countries also took advantage of the individual colonies.  So that was one of the main  reason  for the Union (protection from abuses…strength in numbers).  However the Founders and the Colonists were well aware that all governments are potentially dangerous.  A guard dog can be an asset if controlled , but can also be dangerous if not controlled…such are governments.

This and many other historical events are explained in Justice Joseph Story’s book, A Familiar Exposition Of The Constitution Of The United States. as he explains the related Constitutional clauses.  Justice Story was not only a Supreme Court Justice, but he was born three years after the Declaration of Independence, his father served in the Revolution, and his book was once a well recognized school text book.

We have been educated to believe that the Supreme Court is the “Keeper of the Constitution”. However Supreme Court Justice Story warned, “our cherished freedoms and Constitutional government might perish in an hour, by the folly, or corruption, or negligence of its only keepers, THE PEOPLE. if the people did not trouble to learn the history, purpose, and meaning of their own Constitution.” You see, not only can States take the government to trial for unconstitutional laws that harm its people, but so can citizens take the government to trial if  harmed by an unconstitutional law.

A game to teach the Constitution to your children is The Constitution Quest

Judge Napolitano: “The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. If you want to amend it, amend it, but you can’t overlook it.”


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