Best Buy On Vitamins And Herbs + ADHD & Autism Findngs

Today we have several exciting things to share with you concerning the health of your whole family. Perhaps  you were watching Dr. Oz when he talked about the importance of  Probiotics,  Kefir and Consumer Lab.   Well we did a little research, and found some phenomenal information that we share  with you in this article.

1.  “More people are realizing there’s a myriad of chemicals in conventionally produced food, ” says Craig Minowa, environmental scientist with the Organic Consumers Association, a nonprofit advocacy group. Although each has passed its own safety review, Minowa points out that “most of the studies on safety are done or supported by the companies themselves.” In the human body, antibiotics destroy both the good and bad bacteria.  It is important to replace the  good bacteria so as  to strengthen the immune system and prevent disease.  


Dr. Oz pointed out that Kifr is a better choice than yogurt for strengthening the immune system. Yogurt usually has around four to  six different  live active cultures (probiotics),  while Kefir has Twelve.  Kefir is easily  available in most grocery stores, but rather expensive.  However  if you want to  be more economical, you can  make your own.  Amazon has the starter for KEFIR GRAINS – LIVE ORGANIC MILK GRAINS.

Note: Kefir can be rather bitter.  But I sweeten it with  Pure Stevia Extract Powder by Kal  (not the process stuff in the grocery stores), and make a smoothie by adding frozen fruit like bananas or blueberries.  If you do not have the means for making smoothies,  Nutri Bullet NBR-12 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer System is great, and inexpensive compared to other tools for that purpose.

Research Concerning Probiotics For ADHD & Autism

But it gets even better: Kefir milk is also loaded with tryptophan – an amino acid that also helps raise serotonin levels in the brain – which can help reduce anxious feelings. Drinking one cup a day is enough to keep you feeling calm.  Try a cup per day of kefir with your active child or or children with ADHD. (Note: Kefir is normally made from milk,  so would not be good for those with an allergy for milk)

“Traditional research has studied autism as a genetic disorder and a disorder of the brain,” study researcher Sarkis K. Mazmanian, a professor of biology at Caltech, said in a statement. “But our work shows that gut bacteria may contribute to [autism-like] symptoms in ways that were previously unappreciated.”  So Kefir may even be beneficial to those suffering from Autism. It is certainly worth trying (as long as they do not have an allergy for milk).

2.  Dr Oz also recommended Consumer Lab, which is an independent research company.  They found that several common vitamins, minerals, and health products did not have what they claimed to have, and could actually be harmful.  They also give you recommendations concerning good products for your family.  We joined, and found their information, which is only available through paid membership, to be most helpful.

So, according to independent research,  following are some good choices for your family (but not necessarily all) .

Kirkland Signature Daily Multi Vitamins & Minerals Tablets, 500-Count Bottle

Flintstones Children’s Multivitamin plus Calcium Chewable Tablets, 60-Count Bottles (Pack of 3)

Energy Bar:  Flavor&Fiber Cinn Raisin 1.6oz (16 Per Box) by Gnu Foods

Nutrigold CoQ10 Gold (High Absorption) (Clinically-proven KanekaQ10), 100 mg, 120 softgels

Citracal Citracal Petites Calcium Citrate Plus D3 Tablets

Youthful You DHEA 5MG 60 Capsules (note DHEA is not recommended for everyone, and can have some side effects if not in the proper amounts.  So learn more about this product from Mayo Clinic.  We also recommend having your doctor checking your blood levels of DHEA  before deciding on the dosage.)

disclaimer:  we are not doctors, so check with your doctor before making any dietary changes.

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