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The Economy And Wars

When Nixon closed the gold window and refused to pay out any of our remaining 280 million ounces of gold. In essence, we declared our insolvency and everyone recognized some other monetary system had to be devised in order to … Continue reading

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Founding Father Quotes (and others) On Central Banks

Below are listed some quotes from the Founding Fathers (and others) concerning Central Banks (Federal Reserve / World Bank) Note: this page is still under construction, so check back with us for more information. “Without big banks, socialism would be … Continue reading

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The United Nations Taxing The One Percent: You

My fellow Americans, compared to the rest of the world,  you are the one percent, and your wealth (thanks to Obama, Bush, Clinton and others)  is being shared with the rest of the World.  ..bailouts to Foreign Countries, and foreign … Continue reading

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